How To Install A Vehicle Tracking Device?

It is not very complicated installing a vehicle tracking device. These tacking devices are mostly being used by parents and business owners, so that they could track down the vehicles movements and location. For example, concerned parents use these tracking devices to monitor their child’s route and speed, and business owners can monitor employee’s activities.

There are different types of vehicle tracking devices, and based on the type that you have will depend the way you will install it in your car. Some tracking devices can be hardwired into the car, and some work on batteries. Of course that hardwired devices will always require professional installation in case that you don’t have experience with such things. From the other side, battery operated trackers can be easily installed by any amateur.

Before you place a vehicle tracking device in the car, you have to choose where it will be put. Most of the people opt for the glove department, under the hood or even in the trunk. Just remember that you always have to choose some inconspicuous area when placing the device, so that the person who you are trying to monitor doesn’t discover the tracking device in the car.
The only disadvantage between a battery operated device and a hardwired device is the fact that with the battery operated one you will have to change the batteries regularly, depending on the manufacturer.

When it comes to hardwired vehicle tracking devices, the installation is more complex. These devices need to be connected to the vehicles wiring system with the help of two wires. One wire is always black, and the other one is always red. The red wire has to be always connected with the positive battery terminal. The rule is that the black wire is always connected to the negative battery terminal.

When the wiring process is finished, you will just have to securely wrap the wiring connections with electrical tape. If you can manage to hide the wires, then it is even better, as like this you will avoid that someone discovers the device inside the car, and the overall installation process will look more professional.


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